Glacier National Park

“Oh Bear”

Inspired by Glacier National Park, July 2014

I went on a solo trip to Glacier and was ignoring all the warnings about hiking alone in bear country but then realized how stupid that was and got paranoid. One of the things they say to do is make noise so that you don’t sneak up on them by accident and scare them. Some people wear bear bells. I decided to work on this song.





Oh bear, please don’t eat me

I don’t wanna scare no bear
I’m just going on a hike today
I didn’t see you hidin’ over there
Just passin’ through and I’ll be on my way

I’m not here to steal your huckleberries
Even though they make amazing pies
Okay, I might stop and nibble on some maybe
But it seems to me you’ve got a large supply


This could be a very tricky situation
No one wants it to get violent, that’s for sure
Secretly I kinda hoped we’d have a meeting
But, now we’re face-to-face I don’t want it anymore

I’m not here to cause you any kind of problems
I just need a change of scenery
This is your home
I’ll be on my way

Oh, hi
I didn’t see you standing there
I’m just passing through
Don’t mind me
You’ve got nice hair, grizzly bear
Big claws on your paws
Is it my imagination
Or are you licking your jaws
Be cool, grizzly bear
I’m just passing through
I read all the warnings
Don’t remember what to do
Should I run?
Don’t run
Do I hide?
Stay alive
Is this fun?
I don’t know
Is it over? Can I go?

Is this a dream come true?
Or do I get attacked by you?


I think we could be a perfect combination
Even though it’s an impossible dream
We’re unalike in almost every situation
You cannot have a human/grizzly team


Chorus x2

Glacier National Park

Field Recordings


I Don’t Wanna Scare (No Bear) 01 [0:21]

I Don’t Wanna Scare (No Bear) 05 [0:15]

I Don’t Wanna Scare (No Bear) 06 [1:08]

I Don’t Wanna Scare (No Bear) 08 [0:23]

I Don’t Wanna Scare (No Bear) 10 [04:14]

I Don’t Wanna Scare (No Bear) 11 [2:26]

I Don’t Wanna Scare (No Bear) 12 [0:20]

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