“Happy Birthday 100 Times”

Inspired by the National Park Service Centennial, August 25, 2016 Almost a year ago I decided that I wanted to spend the National Park Service’s 100th Birthday in the 1st National Park, Yellowstone. During my first few days in in the park I started writing this song and on the actual day I recorded this with Molly McGown near the Yellowstone River at the bottom of … Continue reading “Happy Birthday 100 Times”

Everglades National Park

“Python Problems”

Inspired by Everglades National Park, February 2016 Invasive Burmese Pythons have become a menace in the Everglades, preying on the small mammals. Demos 02/19/2016 Lyrics We’ve got python problems Our own invasive snakes If you’re looking for Burmese, we’ve got ‘em Causin’ chaos and raising the stakes They’re choking out the furries and swallowing birds A bobcat lost it’s mom I haven’t seen a opossum The rabbits … Continue reading “Python Problems”

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

“Into the Wild”

Inspired by Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 1997 I made what felt like a breakthrough observation a few days ago that one of the earliest songs that I ever wrote and recorded was actually inspired by a National Park and should be included in this project. I wrote “Into the Wild” at a time when I was frequently camping and backpacking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The title … Continue reading “Into the Wild”