Everglades National Park

“Python Problems”

NPT013: “Python Problems”
Inspired by Everglades National Park

Invasive Burmese Pythons have become a menace in the Everglades, preying on the small mammals.


“Python Problems”
Written by Kendall Bruns

We’ve got python problems
Our own invasive snakes
If you’re looking for Burmese, we’ve got ‘em
Causin’ chaos and raising the stakes

They’re choking out the furries and swallowing birds
A bobcat lost it’s mom
I haven’t seen a opossum
The rabbits and the foxes are gone

And you might say what’s the harm
I’ve seen raccoons before
Maybe this snake could be
Much more exciting

But if you choose to think that way
We might lose even more
Than we can see or know
And that is frightening


Oh no, oh no, oh no
Python go away
Python go away

They trained a beagle named Python Pete
To find the snakes but found
He couldn’t compete with the rate
They’re multiplying

Cute baby snakes can be tempting as pets
But 12 feet later it doesn’t sound
As practical to keep them in the same place
You are living


©2016 Kendall Bruns, Everglades National Park

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