Hello Ranger Podcast

I’m happy to share the music I created for the Hello Ranger podcast, which launched in June and recently completed their first season.

Back in April, 2020, Brad and Matt Kirouac (who previously hosted the Parklandia podcast) reached out to me about creating music for Hello Ranger after hearing about my Trailsongs project. The podcast is just one part of their Hello Ranger effort, focused on showcasing and celebrating communities within the national parks, and how these places unite us together.

I wrote, performed, and recorded this music towards the beginning of the stay-at-home orders in response to COVID-19. Traveling right now is difficult and listening to their podcast has been an enjoyable way for me to feel connected to the national parks that have inspired this project. Check it out!


Written by Kendall Bruns*

Hello ranger
It’s nice to meet you
In this great, wide, glorious place

We’re here to explore
And learn even more
Than we could dream
Then leave no trace

So if everyone is ready
We can become
United by nature

*The name of the podcast and the tagline “United by nature” came from Brad and Matt

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