“Happy Birthday 100 Times”

Inspired by the National Park Service Centennial, August 25, 2016

Around the 99th birthday,  I decided that I wanted to spend the National Park Service’s 100th Birthday in the 1st National Park, Yellowstone. This song was written in Yellowstone during that trip.

NPT018: “Happy Birthday 100 Times”



During my first few days in in the park I started writing this song and on the actual day I recorded this with Molly McGown near the Yellowstone River at the bottom of the Tower Fall trail.

At the end of the year, Yellowstone featured the song and video in their 2016 recap.


Denali (then known as Mount McKinley) became a National Park in 1917, a year after the NPS was established, and they celebrated their centennial in 2017. During a visit in June 2017, Molly McGown and I performed “Happy Birthday 100 Times” at the top of the Eielson Alpine Trail.


“Happy Birthday 100 Times”
Written by Kendall Bruns

Happy birthday one hundred times
It’s great to see you, you soothe my mind
You’re so wonderful that every time
I get to be near, you make me smile a hundred times

It’s your birthday one hundred times
You’re my favorite, I promise you
One hundred years from now you’ll come to mind
Top of the greatest lists, best of all time

A hundred times
A hundred times (Happy Birthday)
A hundred times (Happy Birthday)
A hundred times

Field Recordings


This first batch of recordings were done in room 215 at the Old Faithful Inn.

©2016 Kendall Bruns, Yellowstone National Park
©2016 Kendall Bruns, Yellowstone National Park

100 Times 01

100 Times 02

100 Times 03

100 Times 04

100 Times 05


Molly joined me in Yellowstone and I taught her the song right before we made the video. These were our first couple of practices. She was getting a little frustrated with the fact that I was completely inconsistent about saying “one hundred” vs. “a hundred” throughout the song but we figured it out eventually.

100 Times w/Molly 01

100 Times w/Molly 02

100 Times w/Molly 03

©2016 Kendall Bruns, Yellowstone National Park

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