“Always There”

Inspired by Grand Teton National Park, August 2016

Just south of Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park’s Teton Range stands ever-present in the distance, wherever you may roam.



You tower over me—no, wait… that sounds sort of sinister
          G                                                            D7
You’re watching—actually, that sounds weird too
     G                                        D                              E
But every night I sleep better knowing that you’re there
          C                         D                    G
Even when you’re not currently in my view
                    C          D                         G                         E
Just like the Grand Teton are watching over the Snake River
C                    D                         G
You’re always there to help me too
I don’t always see you
But I know you’re there
                   Am                                 E
When the night is dark or we’re far apart
                    D                D7
You’re not gone… too long


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