Inspired by Pinnacles National Park, December 2015

When I visited, Pinnacles was the newest of the 59 National Parks, signed into law by President Barack Obama on January 10, 2013. One of the unusual features of the park is a series of talus caves that are home to at least thirteen species of bats. I scrambled through some of these caves during my visit and it made me think about my own mild claustrophobia which has caused me to avoid exploring caves in the past.



In the Summer of 2017, I went to Denali National Park in Alaska with my Deja Vuey collaborator, Molly, and we recorded some versions of a couple Trailsongs while we were there, including this one of “Cavesong.” We were hiking by the Savage River (near the end of the public part of the main road in Denali) and this rock seemed like a good backdrop for this song.



Are you afraid of the dark?
Are you afraid that the walls will cave in on you

C                                        Am
No need to worry after all

Nothing’s going to hurt you
Nothing’s going to hurt you


         F                         G
And when they do

You’ll recover from that too

F                                                                   Am                                                     G
The fear can do more damage than the thing you feel the danger from

F                                                             Am
I hear you and I understand you’re scared
F                                                 Am                                            G
Pain is part of living and at times bad things will come
F                                                                     Am
A little fear is healthy and protects you some
F                                                                                             Am                                             G
These words might be wrong sometimes but they’re still more right than wrong
F                                                                  G
I hope they bring you comfort in this song

Field Recordings


Cavesong 1 [1:21]

Cavesong 2 [1:18]


Cavesong 3 [0:13]

Cavesong 4 [0:24]


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